There is a toxin in our tap water and it’s being piped into our homes without our permission.


Tap waterOur mission:

To inform the public and our Regional officials of the hazards of fluoridation and to put a stop to this egregious practice.


Who we are:

Fluoride Free Peel is a group of concerned citizens calling for an end to adding industrial waste fluoride acid, or any other form of fluoride, to our community drinking water.

Fluoride is added to our water for the stated purpose of reducing cavities, without the informed consent of those receiving this ‘free dental care’, with no control over the total dose received by each individual, without regard to the individual health status of each individual, and without monitoring individuals for adverse reactions.

This is mass-medication (as stated in a 1957 Supreme Court ruling), and entirely different from the purpose of adding chlorine, and of water treatment in general.  In fact, water fluoridation does the exact opposite of water treatment. Water treatment is meant to reduce the risk of water-borne disease, while water fluoridation, as you will learn, increases the risk of water-borne disease – it even harms the very body part that fluoride is alleged to protect – the teeth!

Chlorine is added to our water in order to kill microbes that are already in the water.  It acts on the pathogens in the water; fluoride acts directly our bodies.  This violates our inherent and legal right to not be medicated without informed consent.

Worse, fluoride and fluoridation chemicals are toxic.  Fluoride itself is a known neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, enzyme inhibitor, mitochondria poison and carcinogen that also damages teeth and bones.  The fact that fluoride occurs naturally does not make it safe for ingestion!


Harm caused by fluoride: severe dental fluorosis; Peel’s 2003 oral health report showed that 1% of Peel’s children had severe dental fluorosis. A 2007 study showed that 34% of Brampton’s fluoridated 7 year old school children have some degree of dental fluorosis. The Region’s 2017 oral health report contains a fraudulent, unscientific statistic that grossly under-states the current rate of dental fluorosis.

And, fluoridation chemicals contain additional potent toxins with no known safe level, such as arsenic and lead.

We patently reject the claim that there is no harm caused by ingesting fluoridation chemicals, even in small concentrations.

And even the pro-fluoridation health authorities concede that fluoridation harms teeth by causing dental fluorosis.

Everyone has the right to supplement their diets with neurotoxic, tooth-damaging fluoride, if they so choose.  However, nobody, including a governmental body, has the moral, legal or ethical right to medicate anyone without informed consent or to intentionally increase the levels of of various regulated water contaminants (fluoride, arsenic, lead, etc.).

Most everyone would agree that the government and our neighbours have no business forcing us to treat a cancer diagnosis in any particular way.  Likewise, they have no business forcing us to ingest and bathe in a toxic fluoridation chemical every day of our lives.

Under common law, and common sense, a medical procedure carried out on a person without that person’s consent is an assault (see R. v. Morgentaler, Collection Supreme Court Judgments, Date 1988-01-28).

Many suffer the effects of fluoridation without realizing the cause.  Some who have discovered the cause buy expensive filtration systems, if they can afford it.  Many can’t.  Some purchase bottled water, however this is harmful to the environment and contains additional toxins leached from the plastic.

Many residents have no idea that their water is even fluoridated or that fluoridation contributes to ill health and harms the environment.

Fluoridation must be stopped as soon as possible to prevent further injury to innocent people, pets and ecosystems.

It’s time to stop this injustice.  It’s time to stop this public heath disaster.


Please get involved. We’re in this together, and together we will end water fluoridation in Peel.
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Note: this website has been set up as a resource for information on artificial water fluoridation, with a focus specifically on what is happening here in Peel Region.

For more comprehensive information on water fluoridation – a harmful and illegal uncontrolled medical experiment being forced on unsuspecting residents – please visit Fluoride Action Network.  (There are over 53,000 fluoride studies listed on PubMed alone!)

For more information specific to Canada, please visit Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation