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There are so many of us that are here to help.
Below are email links and websites to local, national and international leaders that are taking a stand.

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LOCAL CONTACTS:FFP - Window Decal Small

General Office: info@fluoridefreepeel.ca
Christine: christinem@fluoridefreepeel.ca
Mark: markc@fluoridefreepeel.ca
Rob: robb@fluoridefreepeel.ca




Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation – General Contact info@cof-cof.ca
Website: http://cof-cof.ca/

Fluoride Free LethbridgeGeneral Contact info@fluoridefreelethbridge.com
Website: http://fluoridefreelethbridge.com

Fluoridation-Free Ottawa rich.hudon@ffo-olf.org
Website: http://ffo-olf.org/

Fluoride Free Windsor
Website: http://fluoridefreewindsor.com/

Fluoride Toronto
Website: http://www.fluoridetoronto.com/


Fluoride Action Network (USA)General Contact info@Fluoridealert.org
Website: http://Fluoridealert.org

Note: this website has been set up as a resource for information on artificial water fluoridation, with a focus specifically on what is happening here in Peel Region.

For more comprehensive information on water fluoridation – a harmful and illegal uncontrolled medical experiment being forced on unsuspecting residents – please visit Fluoride Action Network. http://fluoridealert.org/  (There are over 53,000 fluoride studies listed on PubMed alone!)

For more information specific to Canada, please visit Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation http://cof-cof.ca/


  1. Sam

    I would like to help. This is a serious issue. I’ve even had to spend over $400 just to get a flouride filter in my home. Is there a petition where I could sign other than emails to politicians which probably don’t get read anyway?

  2. Peter Van Caulart

    I have looked through this website and find an inconsistent message. Either it’s about fluoride or fluoridation, but not both. There is a difference and confusion exists when people use the word fluoride when they mean fluoridation. The act of fluoridating drinking water is the reprehensible crime being committed where it is practiced. The substance (HFSA), for doing this is a secondary and an irrelevant argument. Discussing anything else regarding fluoride(s) is also irrelevant. We are best understood when we all learn to sing the same tune. I suggest that you modify the composition of this website to better align yourselves and your message(s) with the thing that is unlawful, unethical, unnecessary, unproven, and unsafe, drinking water fluoridation.

    Respectfully, for your consideration. PeterVC

  3. Gabriel Fekete

    I want to get involved in eliminating harmful chemicals from our water and from our food.
    If it’s in the water it will be also in most of our food!!!.
    There are many chemicals in our food that are not labeled and harm our kids!!!
    Let’s work together to end this practice!!
    Thank you

  4. Lyn

    Hi I’m from Edmonton with a mayor that yes yes to flouridization, end of discussion. He doesn’t return phone calls or emails on this subject and won’t look at any new info. He says they checked Health Canada’s website and that’s good enough for him.
    So I am following this case with great interest and would be grateful if you keep me updated.

    Thank you
    Good luck

    • admin

      Hi Lyn,
      Your Mayor has a big say, but not the only say.
      Others within the coucil also have some power to change things.
      Your best bet is to meet with your local councillor.
      Ask for 1/2 hour. Spent 20 minutes of it showing the Ten Facts about Fluoride video.
      It’s well done and the arguments are compelling.
      Good luck!

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