Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix

pregnancy bookThis is a Human Rights and a Women’s Rights Issue.

If a pregnant mother follows the IOM’s bizarre advice, a 3rd-trimester fetus’s daily fluoride dosage is comparable to that of a 5-year old who swallows 3 times the “call poison control” safety threshold for fluoridated toothpaste.

Or, if she drinks 1.5 L of Peel’s fluoridated tap water (containing on average 1 mg fluoride), the fetus can receive a dosage equivalent to the 5 year old’s “call poison control” threshold.

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National Research Council (2006): Fluoride has the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain and the body by direct and indirect means.”

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child (2009): It’s not just about dose. Most important is “the timing during the developmental process… The immature nervous system of an embryo or fetus is even more vulnerable to toxic exposures than is that of an infant.”

EPA Neurotoxicology Division (2009): A team of researchers found “substantial evidence” that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant in the same category with alcohol, arsenic, bisphenol A, lead, mercury, and nicotine.

To knowingly expose babies, born and unborn, to increased levels of a developmental neurotoxin is unforgivable.

Contact your Peel Councillor and Mayor and demand unfluoridated municipal drinking water.

The book Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix by John MacArthur is essential for all decision-makers, care-givers and future parents.

No one with integrity who reads this book can vote for or support the fluoridation of public drinking water.

The book can be read online ( or purchased online (shipping is free through the Book Depository:

As summarized in an Editorial Review by the Weston A. Price Foundation: 

Exposure of the fetus to fluoride is associated with many harmful effects including damage to red blood cells, low birth weight and premature birth, cognitive problems and autism, obesity, iron-deficiency anemia, disruption of gut flora, thyroid disorders, hyperactivity, preeclampsia, and placental and vascular calcification. MacArthur has compiled a long list of references to back up his urgent warning: pregnant women should avoid all exposure to fluoride in water and drugs.


Chapter 1 is a shortened version of the report published in the Townsend Letter (November 2013), Fluoride, Premature Birth and Impaired Neurodevelopment:

Chapter 2 is an updated version of the one online, Placental Fluorosis: Fluoride and Preeclampsia, in Townsend Letter (May 2015):

Chapter 3 is an updated version of the one online, Prenatal Fluoride and Autism, in Townsend Letter (April 2016):

Fluoridated tap water contaminates amniotic fluid swallowed by babies in the womb (this pages expands on a section in Chapter 3):

Why You Should Not Believe the Fluoridation Sales Pitch:

Fluoridation Perpetuated by Endorsements, not Science

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