Peel Councillor Discloses Some Ugly Water Fluoridation Facts

Posted October 13, 2017

Peel Daily News has bravely published an article by our local safe-water hero, Regional Councillor John Sprovieri.

Below is John’s original version, and at the link you will find the editor’s version.

Note the disturbing “special treatment” afforded fluoride when it comes to the EPA’s allowed contamination level, despite it’s toxicity being similar to arsenic and lead.  [There is a typo in the article. According to EPA’s website, the allowed limits are 0.015 parts per million (or 15 parts per billion) for lead, and 0.010 parts per million (or 10 parts per billion for arsenic), and 4 parts per million (or 4000 parts per billion) for fluoride.]

What Health Canada, the Minister of Health and Long Term Care and Municipal Medical Officers of Health have failed to reveal to the public about Artificial water Fluoridation:

Health Canada, the Provincial Minister of Health and Municipal Officers of Health have been telling the Canadian Public that Fluoride is added to Municipal Drinking Water Supplies to prevent Tooth Decay. In 1957 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Water Fluoridation is a Medication.

The actual product added to the drinking water supply by Municipalities is a waste chemical product known as Hydrofluorosilicic Acid. [HFSA]. This Chemical compound is made up of Silica, Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and radium, all known to be very toxic and harmful to humans and the environment.

Fluoride has been classified a Neuro Toxin similar in toxicity to Arsenic and Lead. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] goal for both Arsenic and Lead is ZERO. The US EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels for Lead is 1.5 parts per million [ppm] for Arsenic, 1.0 ppm and for Fluoride 400 ppm.

Health Canada recommends that Toxicology reviews be done on the fluoridation product to ensure its safety at the maximum use level. While Peel Regional Health officials have been telling Municipal Councillors [the decision makers] that the required Toxicology studies have been done, no Toxicology studies have been provided to Council for review. Both the US EPA and Health Canada have disclosed that they have no records of any Toxicology Studies.

Since the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Water Fluoridation is a Medication, Municipal Councillors have been approving adding a Toxic Chemical compound [HFSA] that is unapproved, unregulated, and a untested illegal Drug to the residents drinking water supply without the peoples informed consent. Section 7.31 of the Charter Rights and Freedoms protects ‘’the people right to be from Unwanted Medical Treatment’’.

The US Centre for Disease Control [CDC] has admitted that Fluoride work topically and not by ingestion. Dr. Cooney, the former chief dental officer for Health Canada has conceded that Water Fluoridation prevents less than one half a cavity per child. The US National institute of Dental Research found that children drinking fluoridated water averaged only about half a cavity less than those drinking unfluoridated water.”