What Can You Do?

Fluoride (unlike chlorine) cannot be removed from water by simple filtration (i.e. Brita filters) or boiling. 

There are two ways to avoid this toxic waste in your drinking water to save your health:

One is to live with fluoridation, and find another water source or invest in expensive water filtration equipment.  Boiling fluoridated water only concentrates the fluoride because the water evaporates and the fluoride doesn’t, and fluoride is too tiny to be removed by Brita filters.  So unfortunately, you must purchase water, find a local clean source, or invest in reverse osmosis, a distiller, bone char filters, or ion exchange (costly operations, equivalent to desalination of seawater).

The other option is to end fluoridation.  To help us accomplish this, inform your Mayor, Councillor and all of Peel Regional Council that nobody has the right to medicate you against your will – especially without a medical prescription and without a diagnosed disease – never mind the right to poison you with toxic waste (we created an automated email to make it easy for you).  And share this website.  Share the videos on our Videos page.  Talk to your loved ones, friends and neighbours.  Together we will end fluoridation!

Please be aware that fluoride is absorbed by the sublingual vein under the tongue when brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, and through the skin while bathing.  And there are many other sources of fluoride exposure besides your tap water.

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