Watch Student Princy Kansara’s interview with Councillor Sprovieri


Get the facts, Peel: 

Mosaic, one of the Region of Peel's HFSA suppliers, received an enormous fine for mishandling 60 billion pounds of the same toxic waste added to our tap water



See how you can help remove this toxic poison from Peel Region's water supply.

Leading Physician Joins Calls for Federal Investigation of Water Fluoridation


Fluoride Free Peel is a group of concerned citizens calling for an end to adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to our water. Learn more.

Windsor-Essex County's Oral Health Report 2016

Artificial fluoridation stopped here in Windsor, Ontario in March, 2013. Here is the latest data the Health Unit has provided from screenings they conducted for JKs, SKs and Grade 2s. They predicted a 35% – 60% increase in tooth decay. Is it just us, or were their calculations a little off? Click to for more information.


A film by Jeremy Seifert

In OUR DAILY DOSE, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors,  activists, and attorneys close to the issue.


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Publications on Silicofluorides, Neurotoxicity, and Behaviour

Roger D. Masters & Myron J. Coplan 

Lawsuit to Stop Water Fluoridation in Peel (24:00)

March 6, 2016 Brampton Focus host Michael A. Charbon interviews Liesa Cianchino and her lawyer Nader Hassan to ask why they are suing Peel Region to stop Fluoridating water. Special guest interview with John Sprovieri, Peel Regional Councillor for Wards 9 & 10 in Brampton. 

For more information, email litigationtoendfluoridation@gmail.com


View the PDF of how the Calgary study omits data showing that the spike in decay mostly occurred when fluoride was still in the water and used methods that a leading scientist says do “not provide a valid assessment,” reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Click to view the June 2014 legal opinion explaining that fluoridation violates s. 7 of the Canadian Charter and Rights and Freedoms, s. 20 of Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act, and Canada’s Food and Drugs Act. 

Appended to the brief is an affidavit from a fluoride toxicity expert explaining that water fluoridation has in fact never been proven safe or effective, and that the available data do not support community water fluoridation.

Photo: nerissa's ring via Flickr, CC-BY.

Water fluoridation harms newborns

“...if your child is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance for mild dental fluorosis. To lessen this chance, parents can use low-fluoride bottled water...”