Regional Council Tells ON Health Minister “We Are Not Convinced of Your Magic Tooth Medicine Theory”


As reported in the Brampton Guardian (which consistently fails to inform readers of the existence of Fluoride Free Peel,  even when members make delegations to Council, as 2 of us did in the minutes immediately before this event took place – click here to see the video @ 58 minute mark; here to see the presentation slides):

On February 9th Regional Council passed a motion basically telling the province that their magic tooth medicine theory just doesn’t hold up under scrutiny and that they aren’t comfortable being liable for increased rates of dental and skeletal fluorosis, cancer, lowered IQ in children and a host of other afflictions.

A step in the right direction, but…

despite admitting uncertainty on the wisdom of fluoridation, Council disgracefully failed to impose a moratorium on their illegal activities. 

Peel Residents will continue being drugged with carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, enzyme-inhibiting, neurotoxic industrial waste, with or without their knowledge or consent.

 “Whereas Municipal Councillors do not have the detailed familiarity or resources to interpret data regarding the efficacy of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid [HFSA] in water fluoridation treatments and are struggling with an increasing range of conflicting reports and divergent scientific evidence and public concern on the matter of fluoridation; therefore be it resolved

That Regional of Peel Council request the Premier of Ontario, and the Minister of Health, whose mandate it is to protect the health of Ontarians, (i) to undertake appropriate and comprehensive toxicity testing necessary to reassure the public that the use HFSA in water fluoridation treatments is safe; and (ii) take legislative responsibility for the regulation and administration of HFSA in water fluoridation treatments across the province relieving local governments from what is a provincial responsibility; and further

That this recommendation be circulated to M.P.P.’s AMO and municipalities across Ontario.”

CLICK HERE to read the motion: Flouridation Motion V3 Feb 2017

Click here to see the letter sent to Dr. Eric Hoskins, ON Minister of Health


Note that Councillor John Sprovieri has been our one political HERO on this issue, the lone wolf for years now.  Thank you John